Business and Entities – free zoom with Ana Omanovic

Monday, 30th of December 2019 at 8pm Israel time

Classes with entities, business and money are for the most part about receiving.

How many beings are actually in your life, if you want to acknowledge them or not? How many beings are there in your life, in the world and in the universe who will gift and can gift if you ask and are willing to receive.

How much did we all shut up this world from us? How much can you receive if you look at this different world that most people do not want to see or pretend it is just not there?

This world can contribute so much to you, your life, your body, business, money.

How much fun can you have discovering reality beyond this reality?

Are you willing to receive a contribution from the entities?

LET’S PLAY. You are invited.

On the 30th of December, at 8.00pm Israel time / 7pm Paris time…It’s Free! 😉

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The video will be available on my Youtube Channel.