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What if it is possible to change anything in this world? What if you know something that no one else knows? What if the world became a more conscious place? Could wars, devastation and problems still exist? What if you too could be an inspiration for better possibilities?

In the Foundations seminar, you will learn how to build the foundations for making a difference in all areas of your life. You will become aware of the ways in which you have been creating your whole life through thoughts, feelings and emotions, and have been very limited in everything you have done.

What if the instructions you have been following to play the roles in this reality are not the only possible ones? What if you can create a life that works for you, even if it's in a very unique way? 

We will go into more detail on topics including the body, diet, health issues, sleep, partnership, family, sexuality, financial realities, judgement, joy, grief, relationships, attitudes, daily functioning, manifesting and creating anything in your life. 

You will acquire the tools and techniques to independently identify what is real for you and what works for you. 

Each of us is different and it is time to live our uniqueness. You will be able to recognise in each moment what is really going on and what possibilities are available to you. You will become aware of yourself as the creator of your life and you will enter a space where you have a real choice and where you can act beyond all the views and perspectives that have limited you. 

The seminar will not provide you with new guidance to replace old guidance that you have found to be unworkable or limiting. You will discover how to create the life you want. We will show you how to start exploring on your own and how you can change whatever you choose in a very simple way.

What if nothing is what you think it is? 

When we look at life's challenges from a completely different perspective, we can change everything easily. Wherever you are limited by something, it is likely that you have chosen to be unconscious. So what will you choose instead? What if this seminar can be the start of something new, unimaginably better? 

One of the tools of Access Consciousness is the feeling of lightness in the face of all that is real for you and the feeling of weight in the face of all that is not real for you. This tool can also help you to decide for this seminar. So, if you have felt a sense of lightness and expansion as you read this text, it means that you are sensing the possibilities and the future that you will be able to create for yourself if you attend the Foundations. The seminar lasts 4 days. It is a prerequisite to attend the Access Bars. You will receive practical tools for everyday life, which also include some bodily processes

What would this mean for your life in 5 years? What if now is the time to start unwrapping your gift of life? For many, the Foundations are the entry into a whole new life, with no way back to limiting yourself. We open to infinite being, receiving, knowing and perceiving.

Is now the time

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