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I am Ana Omanovič and this is my story.

From a very young age, despite having a good family relationship and loving parents, I felt deep sadness and worry. Why does an ever-smiling little girl carry such a weight somewhere deep inside? Through the years of growing up, I searched for answers, because it seemed to me that all this did not come from me at all, because if it had, I would probably have discovered the reason. Ever since I can remember, I have wondered if the drama and trauma, the misery, the weight, the mediocrity, the sadness, the schools as they exist and the relationships I have observed, the family, the career, the retirement, the sadness and the death, are they really all there is here? I knew there had to be something more. 

I remember how I used to read those "strange" books that talked about a different world. And they always attracted me. I searched and searched and never quite found a way to get out of the construct of that reality. So I found Access Consciousness and for the first time someone put into words everything I had always known and never seen here. Because of course no one had ever introduced me to it. That sadness is not mine at all and that there is a world beyond this reality. I have been given tools that work and if you use them you can not only change everything that doesn't work for you, no matter where you are, but you can start to create your life in a unique way with the will to be and live in the question and never come to conclusions about anything.

My husband Haris Omanovič and I have been developing the House of Joy project together in Slovenia, and about a year ago my independent project under the English name "I see you" came into the world. I have facilitated over 400 workshops and seminars in my home country, and have participated in over 40 international multi-day seminars abroad, where I am trained in conscious life creation with Access Consciousness® techniques, body processes, and tools (Access Bars®,  facilitator of Right voice for you®, Talk to the entities®). I was also an active, official simultaneous translator of the advanced seminars of Gary Douglas and Dain Heer, as well as of other international facilitators. 

What would you choose if you were truly choosing your life? What if you opened the door to being all that you once decided you could not be? 

I love travelling, laughing, diving, dolphins and horses, skiing and the dynamics of life, which I see as an endless sandbox where you can create anything you choose. My goal in life is to have fun in everything I do and change the world for the better. To do everything I love, to follow my lightness, which is my compass, and to be an authentic being and not just another robot who sees life as suffering and misery. When we are willing to step into all that we are and act from within, no one can stop us anymore. Only we ourselves are so strong that we can stop ourselves.

Many people are passive and live with "interesting" beliefs that create exactly the life they have. You know that much more is possible than what we see in this reality. There is a whole other reality that is beyond this one. Once you remove limiting views in any area, there is space and access to infinite choices, more joy, more ease and more life. I would like everyone to start choosing their life and not just living it. I empower people to do this, but not from a place of illusion and utopia, but from following what only you know is possible. 

“What would it take to realize how crucial
you are to realizing the full potential of this world?”

For me, the real beauty of life is letting go of everything and everyone, including me. And this is where the dimension of freedom never ends. I want every being to recognise the beauty of what life is and can be, and for each one of us to recognise that the difference in each one of us is a gift, and not a flaw, as we often assume. 

I invite you into a world of exploration, where you choose to create something that has never existed before and something that contributes to our planet
in a very different, light, fun and above all your own way. How can it get any better than this and what else is possible?

I see you, Ana <3