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If you could choose anything, what would it be? Are you aware that your capacity with energies is unique? Are you ready to let go of your control, your walls, and open up to life in a completely different, unimaginable way?

Each person has a unique capacity to receive and give energies, and with a Symphony of Possibilities session you begin to access what is real for you and your body - beyond what you have bought into as real in this reality. 

Do you know that the way you respond to the world is a fantastic, phenomenal and absolute gift? Are you ready to start contributing your uniqueness to everyone around you? What if, when we acoustically vibrate as we do, we create an energetic symphony of possibilities that changes the planet?

For most people, a séance is beyond the imaginable and difficult to put into words. Each being and body receives it in a very unique way. In seances I operate from the energy, space and awareness of the infinite possibilities of what we really are, rather than judging you and your present or past events and choices, and so I am an invitation for you to open to what is truly possible for you.

What kind of invitation can I be for you and your life?

After the Symphony of Possibilities session with Ana Omanovič:

I was always looking for something more and I always wondered what is magic? How many different definitions of magic and magicality I have taken in my life. But none of them satisfied me and gave me a space of myself. A space where I could clearly perceive what I really wanted and how I really felt about myself and my life. When I encountered the tools of Access Consciousness I was somewhere halfway to the throat of surrender. And whoops, a lifeline appeared, out of empty space. One tool enhanced another. By allowing my choices and myself, I suddenly had more choices, more options, and an even more intense version of the question, what else is possible? 

And that's how I met SOP - Symphony Of Possibilities. Can you imagine when all the tools are merged into one process? One process of the symphony of life? One process that opens you up to the essence? One process that erases paradigms and fixed beliefs? One process that releases you with relief into the Kingdom of Self? A process that makes the word oneness meaningful. A process that gives birth to infinite possibilities? Are you looking for true magic? Then today is your lucky day. Are you ready to receive the gift of a life that is more than you ever dared to believe possible? 

The Symphony of Possibilities invites you. Will you answer the call from deep within you today and give the Universe a chance to bestow you? 

Alexandra Nkumah

A crazy process that changed my way of being. 

It really isn't just therapy. It is an experience. It's a feeling of who you are. You get to know what it means to BE. It changes your life. It allows you to give yourself permission to know and to follow. It opens the door to a space where there are no limits. Even if I was clinging so tightly to some of the games of self-abuse, playing the victim, automatisms... all that fell away. The process was happening everywhere, on the body and the being. At times it was not pleasant, the body was twisting under uncontrollable spasms and at the same time relieving itself. I knew I had to choose this for myself, so I allowed my body to go through the process. 

Everything that was happening in my life at the moment was turned around in one hour of therapy.  It was as if I had looked at my life and realised everything I wanted to realise, before I had to finish creating lessons or dramas to help me realise it. 

It's funny because it's so simple and because it's all possible in just one therapy. All the drama falls away. The problems I created for myself, now I just laugh. In a second I stopped doing it and I can easily choose something else for myself, for my life and for my body. 

I recognised the automatisms and judgements that were blocking me. I looked at things I was not willing to see before. What happens. It was like stepping out of everything and looking at my whole life from above. It became clear to me that I have a choice and that this is the way I can change anything in an instant. 

Everything is a choice. This phrase deepens my awareness again and again. Truly, it has become clear to me why I choose something. 

There is no going back. I am different. SOP therapy is an inevitable process in which you become aware of a lot of things and it leads you forward, to more life, more YOU, more joy and everything you really want. You recognise yourself as the creator of everything in your life and that may not even be so pleasant. All that you have been unnecessarily creating and complicating your life now no longer seems worth doing. 

As much as I loved acting, dramatising and complicating, I started to love myself even more during the therapy. Now I don't see any value in doing it and fooling myself anymore. It's not fun. All the weight has just fallen off. It's a strange feeling, something new. It's crazy because I can choose it and I'm choosing it more and more. 

And now I can only go further. And ever onwards. I don't need to hold on to anything anymore, to keep anything in existence, but I can be the change, the life and whatever I choose. With ease. I allow this for myself and for everyone else. 

THANK YOU.  How can there be more of this in my life? 

Thank you Ana. 

Nadja Ogrinc 

Is now the time

You didn't end up on my side by accident right? Something brought us together. Join me. What will that create for you?

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