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Business is a struggle, it’s stress, it’s hard to work. Are you sure? What if the work became joyful or something that you get to even have fun with? What would need to change to have joy as a reality of your business? What would you choose if anything were possible in business?

What is the joy of business?

The joy of business is the process that inspired Simone Milasas after a conversation with Gary Douglas, when she realised that people don't have fun at work. Did you know that:

  • 90% of people leave their job directly because of their boss? The Joy of Business has tools to help you engage with your employees so they are happy too.
  • 77% of executives don't believe they are qualified to lead the company into a successful and quality future? The Joy of Business offers coaching for leaders that gives them back the confidence in their vision and the power to make it happen.

Whether you own a business, have a job or care for a family, when you are in business. When you wake up in the morning and get up, you're already in business! You think you don't know how to run a business, but in fact you are in business every day. Your life is your business.

What limits you that your business is not joyful? What is blocking your cash flow? What if you are the only one strong enough to stop yourself? Have you always been your own biggest obstacle to creating more, to business, to money?

What else can you create in your life that you could never have imagined? What if you could create a completely different reality?

The Joys of Business are part of Access Consciousness, which is spread all over the world. Access Consciousness is a set of simple, practical, dynamic and pragmatic techniques, tools and physical processes designed to encourage you to create the life you really want. It offers step-by-step processes that lead you to a more conscious life and help you to remove the limitations that prevent you from realising yourself and living. It encourages us to become aware of what we already know.

Are you ready to change your whole reality about money? What view do you have regarding money, if you were to change it, would it create a different reality for you?

What if you could have unlimited income streams? What if you could generate money in ways that no one else can?

Welcome to a world of new possibilities!

Is now the time

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