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What if it's not time that ages our bodies? What if it is our views that do this? 

Access Energetic FaceLift™ is a beautiful and simple way to renew the skin on your face. Without knives, botox, acupuncture needles or any physical interventions to your body. It "erases" the signs of aging and rejuvenates the whole body. According to the testimony of the recipients of this treatment, the whole of life is renewed and activated, relationships change and we start to create more.

It is performed by directly touching the skin on the face so that around 30 different energies are triggered in the body. 

After the treatment, you feel reborn, rejuvenated, fresh and with it: 

  • revitalise, firm, rejuvenate and awaken your face and body
  • smooth and tighten the skin
  • erase the signs of ageing
  • speed up cell renewal in damaged areas
  • relieve stress
  • life becomes more dynamic

People who have received this process have reported that it was an unforgettable experience in their lives. It also brings more energy, stability and clarity. 

The workshop will teach you how to administer the full treatment. You will also receive it repeatedly. 

Tretman is a professional service in many spa, wellness and anti-ageing centres around the world, present in 174 countries. The Access Energetic FaceLift is a great addition for anyone working in the beauty industry or as a massage therapist, as it extends the range of services you can offer to your clients. 

A facelift works on an energetic level to nourish your whole body and make it feel good, comfortable, beautiful and cared for. After a treatment that benefits your whole body, you will feel reborn, fresh, relaxed and rejuvenated. 

In this workshop, we will clear our old beliefs about our body that do not serve us. 

How many people do you know who want to rejuvenate themselves in a simple and natural way? 

Perhaps you have never looked at your own views and how they create your reality because it is so very "normal" to live in a world of too many views. What you may never have realised is that all these views you take create your reality and the results we have with everything. 

What if ageing is something you've copied from everyone else? If you didn't know you had to age, would you? How would it be if, instead of celebrating birthdays - getting older - we celebrated being younger, more vital, lighter, more joyful and more creative every year? 

Any view we take of anything can only be an interesting view. Nothing is reality unless we choose it to be so, and of course we choose it to be so. According to our beliefs we create everything... what we say we don't want and what we say we want. How old are you? And how many wrinkles is it normal to have at your age? How many lines can you name on your face? And what if they are just a reflection of your judgements of yourself and your body? What if, with every judgment you make about your body, you yourself are at every moment drawing the dramas and traumas of your existence onto your body? What is a normal disease to have at your age? What if nothing was normal and everything was a choice? What would that create? 

Celebrate yourself!

Is now the time

You didn't end up on my side by accident right? Something connected us. Let's get to know each other. What will that create for you?

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