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Do you ever find yourself standing in front of the mirror judging your body? What if you could let go of those views and just be grateful for your body as it is? 

Your body is a sensitive, sensory organism. You and your body are in constant awareness of everything. Your body is created to give you awareness of embodiment, of the energy of the world around you. Instead of all that, in this reality, the body is most often used as a source of judgment.

Would you be willing to have a different reality with your body?

Access Consciousness has discovered more than 60 body processes that allow the body to change and transform. Each of these dynamic processes invites the body to begin to heal and create. 

Don't believe it? Close your eyes and find the outer edges of YOU. Yourself as an infinite being, not the outer edges of your body. Can you find the outer edges of SELF - are you everywhere where you are looking? Now open your eyes and hold this awareness ... Is your body within you or are you within your body? Your body is inside you! 

Most of us walk around disconnected from our bodies; we gave that up when we were little children. When you were a small child, you knew what you wanted to eat, what you wanted to drink, when you wanted to sleep, but no one let you. You, as an infinite being, do not eat, but your body does. You do not wear clothes, your body wears them. You do not have sex, your body does.

Start asking questions for everything that concerns your body. Your body, what would you like to eat? Body, what would you like to wear? Body, what would you like to buy in a shop? What movement would it like to do for fun? Who would it like to have sex with? By asking questions about everything related to the body, you will start to develop a relationship with your body. 

If your back hurts: 

"Hey, body, what does it take to change this?"

Is your body screaming loud and clear what it would like, but you refuse to hear? 

There are many people who do not recognize their creative abilities. Most people who attend these seminars do not realize that they have the ability to heal. Of themselves and of others. Through the Access Consciousness body process workshops, we learn to work together with our bodies, to communicate with them, and unlock them to infinite possibilities.

How much more can we give to our bodies and to others? What else is possible that we could never have imagined? What can I change that I don't think can be changed? If you judge that something in your body cannot and will never change, can it ever change? 

All these bodily processes will give you an awareness of the sense of space that bodies are aware of, and have always been aware of what you have not been ready to be aware of. The bodily processes increase the ways in which your body can show you what it is aware of. 

Most people have the ability to heal or change something in others, but they tend to biomimetically mimic others rather than realizing "How can I change this?". You need to ask the question "How can I change this?", not "How can I do this?" or "How can I be this?".

"Let your bodies know what a gift they are, and then they will be a gift to you." Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness

You are invited to explore your bodies in a playful way! 

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